No More No ‘Poo

Nearly 3 months ago, I ditched my traditional shampoo and replaced it with bicarbonate of soda and an apple cider vinegar rinse. I had been aware of the “no ‘poo” method for a couple of years but had never had the chance (or enough interest) to try it properly.

I had read about the seemingly miraculous effect it had on hair, making it softer, shinier, easier to manage and in my bid to help my hair grow as fast as possible over the next year, I took it all on board.

I felt good, even a little smug, using it. “I’m not using harsh chemicals on my hair,” I thought. Initially, my hair felt good too. It went through the much moaned about “transition period” where my hair produced more oil than it needed while it readjusted to the new regime but it regained its equilibrium after a week or two.

That good feeling didn’t seem to last long though.

About 5-6 weeks ago I noticed I had a few flakes of dandruff – I had NEVER had dandruff before. I also noticed that after every wash, my hair felt dry and kind of clumped together. I think a turning point for me was shortly after my last blog post “No ‘Poo Hair – Two Months In” where I talked about my new dandruff problem and the steps I was going to take to set my hair straight again. As promised, I deep conditioned using coconut oil and did it overnight to gain optimal results.

WOW. I had forgotten how soft my hair could feel and it looked super shiny, even in low/artificial light.

But again, that good feeling didn’t last. It was right back to dry and clumpy all over again the next wash. I did the coconut oil deep condition another couple of times over – all to the same end. So, I started to do some research…

Needless to say, with articles and blog posts like this (written by a dermatologist, hard to argue with that!), this and this around I will not be using BS and ACV on my hair again. I want long, shiny, healthy locks by this time next year and my hair just won’t stand a chance if I keep damaging my hair.

So I went back to using my regular ol’ shampoo. And it was GLORIOUS. Happy, shiny, soft hair – welcome back! Once I finish this bottle, I’ll be looking into low ‘poo shampoos but for now, I’m sticking with this.😉

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